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Gaining Comfort with Computers

Training Services

Here is a list of the common programs I offer training in: 
  • AutoCAD​ 2012 to Current (2017)
    • 2D Only​ (AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT)
  • 2020 Design v.9 to Current (v.11)
    • Must have your own software​ (purchased or trial version)
  • Sketchup v.8 to Current (Pro or Make)
    • Sketchup Make is free for anyone​
  • QuickBooks Pro 2010 or later
    • Must have your own software or an online login​
  • Using and building basic websites
    • Will build on hosting site* of your choice. Site must have webbuilder drag and drop type program built-in
    • Simple website, no e-commerce
    • Domain, hosting and advertising must be purchased by client and provided by hosting website*
    • **Examples of hosting sites:,, etc.
  • Windows 7,  8 & 10
    • Basic Use​
  • MS Office 2010 - 365
    • Powerpoint
    • Excel
    • Word​
    • Outlook
    • OneNote
  • Internet/email​
    • Google, Gmail, Google Drive & Docs
    • Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, other email hosting
    • OneDrive, Drop Box and other cloud storage
It's now more important than ever to be able to fluently use your computer. Everyone expects you to be able to use, edit and transmit: Emails, PDFs, Word Documents, Spreadsheets and especially for Interior Designers, computer aided drafting (CAD) software. Having taught all of these programs in college classes, I've frequently been told how frustrating it can be to try and learn these programs on your own. Designers who've been in the interior design business all their lives are telling me that they're having harder times getting jobs without enough computer skills. These designers spent $800 - $900 on just one college course in AutoCAD so they could stay ahead in their field.
Many caught on quickly after just a few once-a-week classes and others struggled and needed more one-on-one assistance. Those that struggled, often had minimal computer experience to begin with. Once you are more comfortable with computers, learning any other program becomes that much easier because many actions are duplicated in most programs; even user interfaces are becoming more streamline across a wide variety of programs to make them more user-friendly. There are even similarities between AutoCAD and MS Office programs. So once you start getting the hang of one area of computers, it opens up a world of programs that will be faster and easier to learn. 
**Don't see one you want to learn? Email me to ask about other programs I can help you with.** 
**Individual and group tutoring available.**
At the moment, I only offer in-person training
to take place in your home, office or another public location with wifi


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