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Drawing Types and Descriptions:

Architectural Documents/Drawings:

 PDF's and/or JPEG files are provided via email. Client is responsible for any printing needs. Most drawings are created on a letter-size document unless the room or project is too big to fit to scale and needs to be set at a larger sheet size from 8.5"x11" up to 24"x36". DWG files can be supplied upon request.    

  • Standard Floor Plans 

  • (from 1 room, to an entire floor or multi-level building) Residential and Commercial 

    • Includes​ as needed: interior and exterior Walls, Windows, and Doors, Fireplaces, and other Permanent Architectural Elements, Plumbing Fixtures (includes standard toilet, tub/shower, vanity with sink), Basic Kitchen Layout (includes outlines for perimeter cabinetry and islands, dashed lines for upper cabinets, representations of appliances including fridge, dishwasher, sink and stove/oven), and Interior and Exterior Dimensions as needed

  • Furniture Floor Plans

    • Includes​ as needed: the Standard Floor Plan, furnishings as specified by you, or you can request several layout concepts to be designed for you to choose from, furnishings will be labeled with dimensions, and the floor plan will be dimensioned with wall lengths, furniture position and traffic flow/space planning/clearance requirements

  • Electrical & Lighting Plans 

    • Includes as needed: the Standard Floor Plan​, symbols for electrical and lighting including Lighting receptacles, Outlets and Switching, Broken lines to indicate fixture and switch connections, and a Symbol Legend**.

    • *Interior dimensions are limited to fixture locations. 

  • Reflected Ceiling Plan 

    • Includes as needed:​ the Standard Floor Plan*, Ceiling level changes (topography) indicated by dashed lines, Coffered ceilings outlined with dashed lines, Drop ceiling grid, Other ceiling architecture, Sky lights,  Lighting symbols and Symbol legend**. 

    • *Interior dimensions are limited to ceiling topography and fixture locations. 

  • Elevations & Detail Drawings 

    • Includes as needed:​​ Architectural elements, Built-in details, Tile Plans, Walls, Windows, Doors and Dimensions

  • 3D Drawings & Renderings of Rooms, Furniture & More 

    • Includes as needed: Walls, Windows, Doors, Floor/Ceiling, Architectural Elements (such as crown molding, trim etc.), and any needed Furnishings. 3D Drawings can be monochrome or rendered in color/texture. Contact me for more information.

Services & Fees:


Determined on individual project basis. 

Pricing Terms:

- Minimum of 1 hour fee required per project. 

- Most services are charged by the hour in 1/4 hour increments. 

- An invoice will be issued at the end of the project or on a weekly to biweekly basis, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice via cash/check/paypal

Other Services:
  • Field Measuring & Photographing                                                                                                                Photographs for document & reference purposes using standard iPhone camera - this pricing is not for professional quality photography
  • Consult​ Only                                                                                                                                                                        Meetings for informational assistance rather than a specific service. Email me for more information. 
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